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123 Cash Loans – getting access to quick cash can be a major challenge for most people, especially when unexpected expenses such as family medical bills or car break down costs and so on. The good news is that with 123 Cash Loans is the ideal option that can give you quick cash loans through their efficient credit services and quick feedback on your application status.

Why should I choose 123 Cash Loans?

That is a good question that most people ask themselves – why should I choose 123 Cash Loans instead of the others on the market? Well, for a start, this micro finance company’s loans are ideal for individuals whose credit might be in the blacklisted category and can’t get any consideration from other financial institutions. With 123 Cash Loans you will get unsecured credit of up to R20 000 that comes with flexible repayment terms of up to 12 months. Get to choose how much you want and if successful your money will be wired directly into your bank account immediately.

One of the main benefits of applying for 123 Cash Loans is its convenience, you are not required to go in person to one of their branches and wait in queues, fill in countless application papers or go through a long interrogation-like interview, you can simply it all online in the comfort of your home or office. 123 Cash Loans have a monthly interest rate of 5%, a R150 initial application fee and a R50 monthly service fee thereafter (* subject to change and needs to be verified with them for current rates). 123 Cash Loans also offered quick 30 day loans that is paid out within 24 hours and has to be settled within 30 days from receiving it. These loans are ideal for people who need quick loans to address minor financial problems quicker.

How do I apply for 123 Cash Loans?

123 Cash Loans application process is very easy and straight forward, all you need to do is visit their website and fill in your details on their online application form.  To qualify for these loans you will need proof of employment of more than 6 months with current employer, a South African ID, proof of residence and if you have a blacklisted status you should not be under debt preview. When your application is successful they will require supporting documents which they will advise you, and if you agree with their loan offer, terms and conditions of the loan then the money is transferred into your account almost immediately.

Apply for 123 Cash Loans

Get more details on how you can go about applying for 123 Cash Loans by going over to their website www.123cash.co.za and filling in their online application form provided there. When you application is lodged a consultant will contact you and assist with the application process.

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