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1st for women insurance

1st for Women Insurance has been offering comprehensive insurance cover to women of all walks of life in South Africa since 2004. Their insurance products are specifically tailored to meet their specific needs as women,and as such they are the only insurer that is women-only focused. Their insurance offering includes Car Insurance, Home Contents and Portable Possessions Insurance, Business and Building Insurance among others.

1st for Women Insurance Options available

Car Insurance from 1st for Women is intended to cover your motor vehicle in case you get involved in an accident. This 1st for Women Insurance option comes Comprehensive, Third-party Fire and Theft and Third-party only options. Read More

Home Contents Insurance from 1st for Women is intended to cover all your precious home contents against theft, damage or loss. This 1st for Women Insurance cover protects you from fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, storms or floods, burst water pipes, damage caused by falling trees, break-ins or theft and so on. This option also offers the Home Assist benefit that covers the call-out fees and one hour labour fee for plumbers, electricians, locksmiths etc. Read more

Portable Possessions Insurance is a cover that is meant to cover your portable valuables against theft, damage or loss and includes things like jewellery, clothing and other personal items. Read more

Life Insurance offers you up to R10 million in life cover with affordable premiums, and can help take care of your loved ones in the event that you die. The application process is easy and has no paperwork, and can be done over the phone in less than 20 minutes. Read more

Buildings Insurance is meant to protect your physical buildings of your home against loss caused by things like fire damage, lightning, natural disasters such as earthquakes, break-ins, burst geysers and so on. Read more

1st for Women also offers other insurance products that include Business Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance,off-road Vehicle Insurance, Caravan and Trailer Insurance, Watercraft Insurance and so on.

1st for Women Insurance Contact Details

Find out more information about 1st for Women Insurance or get a quick quote by calling 0861 91 77 73, or visit their website www.firstforwomen.co.za for more information.With 1st for Women you can save an average of R5 064 a year so why not get in touch with them?