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ABSA CashSend Plus

ABSA CashSend Plus

ABSA CashSend Plus is a convenient and safer way of sending money to anyone in South Africa without them necessarily having to be an ABSA account holder or have a credit card, and allows them to access the sent funds through an ABSA ATM machine. The recipient only needs to have an active South African cellphone number and have access to an ABSA ATM for them to receive money. ABSA is one of the leading commercial banks that is taking full advantage of the internet revolution, and have over the years introduced various innovative products and services to its customers, and the CashSend Plus being one of them.

Why choose ABSA CashSend Plus?

The ABSA CashSend Plus is a unique facility that allows people to transact or transfer money without the use of secondary bank accounts, meaning that people can send money to other people who are not ABSA bank account holders, but using only a cellphone and an ABSA ATM. The facility itself is helpful especially for people who run businesses and employ people on a casual or contract basis and don’t want to necessarily put them on the business payroll.

CashSend Plus allows cheque or savings account holders to send up to a maximum of R3 000 a day and the money sent has to be withdrawn in full as the facility doesn’t support multiple or partial withdrawals. The advantage of using such a facility is that the person receiving the money doesn’t need to have a bank account or card to receive it, payment beneficiaries details can be saved for future use and you can also send money to anybody anywhere in South Africa, as long as they have access to an ABSA ATM.

How does ABSA CashSend Plus Work?

The facility allows an ABSA cheque or savings account holder to send money to anybody who has a valid South African cellphone number through their internet banking, and they will get a 10 digit code sent to them through SMS. The sender can send up to a maximum daily limit of R3 000, and the one receiving the money has to use the 10 digit reference codes sent to them to access the money from any ABSA ATM. If the receiver loses the codes sent to them via SMS the sender can retrieve them from his or her online banking account.

ABSA CashSend Plus Contact Details

For more information on how you can make use of the ABSA CashSend Plus facility you can find more details from their website www.absa.co.za, or by calling them on their call centre number 0860 008 600. Send money to your loved ones, to your employees or anyone anywhere in South Africa by using the CashSend Plus facility today.

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