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ABSA Student Loans – education is now becoming an expensive commodity, considering the shooting increases in university and college fees. Getting a good education has become so expensive that some find it difficult to continue or pursue their studies because they simply can’t afford it. With a reputable institution like ABSA you can now afford to go to school and realise your academic dreams by applying for their Student Loans.

ABSA is one of South Africa’s leading banking institutions that offers various financial products and services that include personal loans, home loans, car loans and insurance. ABSA believes education is important in building a nation, and it is with this in mind that they offer a student loan facility to individuals who want to further their studies. You can pay for your tuition fees, accommodation and even study related expenses with these ABSA Student Loans.

Why Take out ABSA Student Loans?

ABSA understands the challenges most students face when it comes to financing their studies, and has created a platform that helps students who want to further their education through their student loans. Their student loans are available to assist students who want to get enrolled or are already enrolled at accredited universities and colleges, and can assist in covering tuition, study material and accommodation expenses. While studying the student has to pay the interest portion of the loan only every month, and settle the actual loan after completing their studies. If you partake in community service or internships ABSA will grant you a grace period but have to pay the loan immediately after that.

ABSA Student Loans Requirements

To apply for ABSA Student Loans you will need to be a South African citizen who has passed Matric and has a study offer letter from a SAQA or SETA accredited institution. You must provide proof of registration and a quote for the study fees, and copies of both you as the student and your sponsor or guardian. Your sponsor or guardian has to provide their latest pay slip, banking details as well.

ABSA Student Loans Contact Details

Find out how you can make your academic dream a reality through applying for ABSA Student Loans by simply calling their call centre number 0860 100 372 or 0860 669 669 and speak to their financial consultants on the best study loan that best suits you. You can also visit their website and ream more detailed information relating to their student loans and other financial products and services. You can also visit their website www.absa.co.za for more detailed information.

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