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Aprofin Loans are financial lifelines offered by Aprofin which allows you to get credit of up to R10 000 in short-term loans which can help you through a rough financial spell. Aprofin is a registered micro lending company based in Pretoria which offers fast, convenient and affordable cash loans. Getting finance can be a difficult endeavor as there any many unscrupulous lenders who are offering loans which have so many fine prints which end up affecting the borrower , so it is important to get credit from a reputable financial institution such as Aprofin.

Why apply for Aprofin Loans?

Aprofin is one financial institution that knows the challenges most South Africans face, particularly when one is blacklisted. Someone who is blacklisted might not successfully get loans from most financial institutions because of the risk factor they come with, and Aprofin is one lender which is extending its services to those people to help them, although the interest rates that will be charged to them will be much higher than someone who has a good credit profile.

Aprofin Loans are accessible to anyone in South Africa and can be applied for online through their website, all you will need to simply do is fill in the loan application form and click submit. Aprofin will review your application and inform you of the application outcome in a timely manner. Get as much as R10 000 in cash and enjoy benefits of favourable and flexible repayment terms.

Aprofin Loans Application Requirements

To apply for Aprofin Loans you will need to be above the age of 18 years and employed permanently, you will need to be in possession of your South African Identity Book, must have an active bank account and must also provide your latest proof of address which is not older than 3 months. Additional requirements will be communicated through their consultants. When your application is approved the money is deposited directly into your bank account almost immediately, and Aprofin will run debit orders from your account when you make repayments.

Aprofin Loans Contact Details

Get more detailed information on how you can make your application and qualify for Aprofin Loans by contacting their loan consultants on 012 546 5747 and chat to them about your individual requirements. You can also alternatively visit their website www.aprofin.co.za and read more information from there. Before taking out a loan from Aprofin or any other financial institution you need to ensure that you are able to afford taking out the loan in the first place, if you stop making your repayments it will result in having a bad credit record or even blacklisting.

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