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barko financial services loans

Barko Financial Services Loans have been credit solutions of choice for most South Africans since 1996 and have been helping thousands of people with all their short-term financial needs. Barko Financial Services specialises in providing short-term credit to low income earners in South Africa who may face challenges in acquiring credit from bigger lending institutions such as banks, and they operate in provinces that include KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga.

Barko Financial Services targets individuals who are employed in the government or mining sectors who may not earn much money every month but may want access to finance to achieve their various financial dreams. Most established lenders such as banks especially often sideline these individuals, and this created a gap on the market which Barko decided to focus on, and they have been helping thousands of people with their financial and advisory services ever since.

Why choose Barko Financial Services Loans?

Barko Financial Services is one of the many micro lending institutions that offers convenient and affordable short-term loans, particularly those individuals that fall under the low income earners. There are thousands if not millions of people working in South Africa that earn low incomes, and these range from government employees to mine workers, and because of this most of them find it difficult to secure loans from financial institutions such as banks, and this is where micro finance companies such as Barko come into play.

Barko Financial Services knows the challenges that these people face and have tailored their credit services to cater for their specific needs. They identified the huge gap that was there on the financial market of servicing low income earners and they offer various short-term loans that can help you with all your financial needs. You can use these loans for things such as home improvements, medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, school fees or any other financial crisis you may have.

Barko Financial Services Loans come with a Customer Protection Plan that can protect you from unwanted or unplanned circumstances such as being laid off unexpectedly, suffering from a permanent disability or even death. This plan will settle any remaining loan balance that you may have and ensure that you and your family are covered.

Barko Financial Services Loans Requirements

For your application to be approved successfully you will need to be a citizen of South Africa with an ID book, must be over the age of 18 years  and employed on a permanent basis, must provide their latest 3 months banking statements and proof of address.

Barko Financial Services Loans Contact Details

For additional information on how to go about applying for Barko Financial Services Loans simply visit their website www.barko.co.za and get more information from there, or call them on 013 235 1380 / 080 777 3777 and speak to their friendly consultants.

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