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Bidvest Vehicle Finance Loans

bidvest vehicle finance loans

Bidvest Vehicle Finance Loans are car finance solutions that help you secure your next vehicle at the best possible rates in the market. Bidvest is one of the leading leasing divisions in the country and provides simple, cost effective vehicle finance solutions with many added benefits. With Bidvest you will be able to get a new vehicle at favourable prices, assistance when you need to auction your current car, and also get extras such as roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance plans from insurers of your choice.

Bidvest Vehicle Finance Loans Options

Bidvest Vehicle Finance Loans come in three different forms namely Instalment Sale Agreement, Finance Lease Agreement and Operating Rental. Their various packages are meant to cater for different people needs which range from wanting to purchase a vehicle to just simply hiring a vehicle without the desire to own it.

The Instalment Sale Agreement gives you finance for your vehicle with repayment terms of up to 72 months. The vehicle remains the property of Bidvest until the end of your installments whereby you then take over the ownership of the vehicle automatically once you finish all your installments.

The Finance Lease Agreement gives you up to 60 months of monthly repayments and is ideal for people who get car allowances or want to pay a deposit for their car. You can also include a balloon payment in your plan.

The Operating Rental is ideal for individuals who want access to a vehicle but don’t necessarily want to own it, and can suit people who get a travel allowance. This option is more like hiring a vehicle for a certain period of time as opposed to buying it.

Bidvest Vehicle Finance Loans Contact Details

To apply for Bidvest Vehicle Finance Loans you can simply fill out the application form provided on their website www.bidvestbank.co.za or call their consultants on 0860 11 11 77. You can also visit your nearest Bidvest branch and chat to their friendly consultants who will assist you with questions you may have.

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