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Bradlows Loans – Bradlows has been providing quality furniture and electrical appliances to South Africans for more than 100 years, and have gone on to build a good reputation for themselves with over 90 retail stores across South Africa. Due to their rapid increase in their customer base they decided to offer a credit facility to help their loyal customers meet their short-term credit needs.

Why choose Bradlows Loans?

Bradlows has always been set apart from its competitors in regards to their quality products and services, and their knowledge of their middle-income target market has allowed them to formulate tailor-made credit solutions that cater for their unique and individual needs. Bradlows Loans are available up to R24 000 and potential applicants have to be earning a minimum monthly income of R2 000. Since their credit solutions are done in accordance to the regulations of the NCR they will run a credit check and affordability assessment to ensure that you are able to pay your loan repayments comfortably.

To apply for Bradlows Loans you will need to be above the legal age of 18 years and be employed permanently with proof of income such as your latest pay slip, provide a copy of your South African ID, provide proof of residence not older than 3 months and also your latest 3 months bank statements. For individuals who are self-employed they will have to supply an income tax certificate with your company registration number and also your business’ 6 months bank statements.

Bradlows Loans Contact Details

Bradlows Loans are tailored to revolve around your lifestyle and affordability, and to apply for these loans you simply need to visit your nearest Bradlows branch and apply in-store. You can also call them on 011 408 0373 and speak to their consultants who will gladly assist you with the application process. Visit their website www.bradlowsmorkels.co.za for more details.

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