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Carfin Vehicle Finance Loans

carfin vehicle finance loans

Carfin Vehicle Finance is the no. 1 independent vehicle finance provider that offers vehicle financing for cars not older than 10 years, and also offers vehicle refinancing too. Their solutions allow individuals to realise their dreams of owning their dream car, and they work with various banks to facilitate the finance. You can apply for their vehicle finance services online from their website and you can get a quick pre-approval within 5 seconds.

Types of Carfin Vehicle Finance available

Carfin Vehicle Finance comes in two forms namely Standard Hire Purchase Agreement and the Residual Purchase Agreement.

Standard Hire Purchase Agreement is a contract between the bank and you which is linked to a prime rate and fixed term. You will gain full ownership of the vehicle at the end of the finance term once you have paid all your monthly premiums.

Residual Purchase Finance is when you have to pay part of the car loan as a balloon payment at the end of the loan term. The amount of residual you have to pay will be based on the age of the vehicle and the number of monthly repayments you are given to pay for it.

Carfin Vehicle Finance is also available for luxury or leisure items such as motorbikes, caravans and so on. You can get to pay a fixed or linked interest rate for your car loan and no deposit is required when you apply for Car Finance from Carfin. Carfin does not finance vehicles older than 10 years. To apply for their services you need to ensure that the vehicle you are interested in is not older than 10 years, you must be employed permanently and earning at least R6 500 a month, must have a good ITC record, must have a valid drivers license and be in possession of your South African ID.

Carfin Vehicle Finance Contact Details

Find out more details on how you can get car finance from Carfin Vehicle Finance by calling them on 0861 227 346 or by visiting their website www.carfin.co.za. Their offices are based in Pretoria and are open six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

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