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Cash Crusaders Payday Advance Loans

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Cash Crusaders Payday Advance Loans – Dry financial spells often occur when we are least  prepared and will result in us looking for alternative ways of getting some financial relief. Cash Crusaders offers a credit facility that allows you to sell your unwanted goods or borrow against your goods for a 30 day period. Cash Crusaders Payday Advance Loans is paid out for your working second hand goods. If you are looking at getting rid of some of your unwanted working goods you can take them to any of the 170 Cash Crusaders stores nationwide and get paid cash.

Cash Crusaders pays out top prices for quality items such as TVs, Hi-Fi’s, Tablets, Computers, Gaming Consoles, Cellphones, Power Tools, Cameras, Car Radios, Kitchen Appliances, Gold and Jewellery, Sporting and Office Equipment just to mention a few. Cash Crusaders is registered with the National Credit Regulator and its buyers go for intensive training and are certified.

How does Cash Crusaders Payday Advance Loans Works?

Getting cash from Cash Crusaders for your good is very simple and follows 3 easy steps. The first step is visit your nearest local Cash Crusaders with your unwanted goods. You need to ensure that you have your Identity Books or Passport with you and also provide proof of address. The personal documentation is crucial to avoid the purchasing of stolen goods. After everything is checked and confirmed Cash Crusaders will pay you out immediately. It’s as easy as that!

Cash Crusaders also offers a credit facility that pays out cash against your goods. Unlike the situation where you are disposing of your unwanted goods for cash, you can also borrow money from Cash Crusaders and put up your “wanted” goods as collateral. You will be given a 30 day cash loan that comes with no credit checks and no waiting for longer approval hours. Your goods are stored in a secure storage space and has to be collected within 30 days when you pay back your loan with interest. If you for some reason fail to pay your loan within the stipulated 30 day period Cash Crusaders reserves the right to sell your goods in their store to recover their money.

To access the Cash Crusaders Payday Advance Loans facility you will have to be above the age of 21 years and provide proof that you are indeed the owner of the goods that you are putting up as collateral. Terms and Conditions apply for the secured loan and is subject to interest and initiation fees.

Cash Crusaders Payday Advance Loans Contact Details

Get quick access to cash by visiting your nearest Cash Crusaders store and present your goods in-store. Their consultants will assist you in selling it or in getting cash against your goods. You can also visit their website www.pawnexpress.co.za to apply for a secure loan or their main website www.cashcrusaders.co.za for more details.

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