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Checkers Money Transfer

Checkers Money Transfer – if you live away from your loved ones and is looking for an effective way of sending money to them you may want to find out more about the money transfer facility from Checkers. The money transfer has advantages of not requiring you to have a bank account or filling out pages of application forms, it’s so simple and convenient and you can do it anytime. As one of the biggest retail chains in South Africa Checkers has a big footprint and is found in every town or city in the country making their services highly accessible to anyone anywhere in the country.

How do I transfer money using Checkers Money Transfer?

Sending money to your loved ones anywhere in South Africa has never been this easy, with their vast stores located in every town and city you can simply visit one and send your money. To send money simply go to the money market counter and present them with your South African ID and create a secret PIN number which the recipient will use when collecting them money.

Checkers Money Transfer allows you to send money of up to the value of R5 000 a day, so your family whether it’s your parents or wife and kids can be well taken care off in your absence while you work in the city. Checkers will charge a R9.99 fee for the transfer process, so if you want to send amounts that are rounded up simple add an extra R10 so they can be able to collect a rounded figure. With Checkers Money Transfer you are also given a maximum monthly limit of R25 000 which you can send to anyone of your choice.

How do I collect money using Checkers Money Transfer

If you are the recipient of money sent to you, all you need to do is visit your nearest Checkers money market counter with your South African ID, secret PIN number and the money transfer number that the sender sends to you. The teller will ask you to enter your PIN number and you will be able to collect as much as R5 000 per day or a monthly maximum of R25 000.

Checkers Money Transfer Contact Details

Get detailed information on how you can send and receive money using the Checkers Money Transfer facility by simply visiting your nearest Checkers store money market counter and speaking to their friendly consultant there. You can also give them a call on 0800 01 07 09 or visit their website www.checkers.co.za for more detailed information.

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