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Circle Finance Loans – Circle Finance is a micro finance provider that focuses on the provision of short-term loans which are based on market-related interest rates. Circle Finance credit solutions are provided bearing in mind the applicant’s financial standing so that they are able to meet the applicants’ requirements and budget. Despite being blacklisted or having bad credit record, you will still be assisted according to affordability assessments. There is no restriction of use so you can use these loans for anything you want.

Why choose Circle Finance Loans?

Circle Finance strives at providing fast personal loans to individuals in South Africa who are in need of some financial assistance. These personal loans are provided at cheap interest rates with flexible repayment terms. Affordability assessments will be carried out before issuing out the loan to ensure that you are able to apply for any loan that you are able to afford. If your application qualifies, the money will be paid out into your bank account within 24/48 hours depending on your bank.

In order to apply, simply complete the online application form by filling in your personal and contact details for a consultant to call you back. The consultant will get in touch with you to verify the application and will go into detail explaining the benefits that come with the package and then assist you on the process. You will be required to attach supporting documents to your application for verification purposes. If it turns out well, you will be awarded money within some hours.

What’s needed before applying for Circle Finance Loans?

The basic requirements needed for one to qualify for Circle Finance Quick Loans includes the applicant providing evidence of employment for more than 6 months with the current employer. Additionally the applicant must be aged 18 or more with the South African ID, latest 3 months payslips, must have a bank account in your name where your income is paid into. Lastly, you must bring forth the latest 3 months bank statements.

Circle Finance Loans Contact Details

To know more about the financial products on offer from Circle Finance simply call their office numbers 011 594 0300 or 011 594 0100 and to speak to a financial consultant who will gladly assist you. You can also visit the website www.circlefinance.co.za and get more detailed information from there.

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