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Clicks Credit Cards – Clicks has been well known for offering  medical services as well as a wide range of retail products. To help its clients with more convenient services Clicks introduced financial services among which we have the Clicks Credit Cards. The Clicks Credit Cards known as the Clicks Club Card Credit Cards  offers clients a number of benefits and can be used to shop anywhere, pay bills or even at a restaurant.

Why get Clicks Credit Cards?

The Clicks Credit Card was formulated to help loyal Clicks clients benefit from accrued Cash Back Rewards that they gain every time they shopped at Clicks. Clicks Credit Cards allows cardholders to shop, make bill payments anywhere. To assist you with increasing your monthly cash flow and lowering your credit card repayments, Clicks Club Card Gold has created custom-made Debt Relief Solutions.

The state of economy means that you may have less expendable income, but Clicks has devised solutions to help you consolidate your credit card debt, short-term debt and retail accounts. All you have to do is select a solution that is right for you. Clicks Club Card Gold has made it easy for you to have additional funds at your disposal and to know the exact amount that you owe. You can consolidate your total straight balance and your budget balance into a single budget plan and reschedule your payments over a period of six to sixty months at your current budget interest rate. You will enjoy the benefit of having funds available on your Clicks Club Card Gold Card after each monthly repayment.

Tell me more about Clicks Credit Cards

  1. With Clicks Credit Cards you enjoy benefits that accrue in form of Cash Back Rewards when you use the card for shopping at Clicks Stores or anywhere else
  2. You get free comprehensive Global Travel Insurance when air tickets are bought using this card
  3. You earn R150 extra Clicks Cash Back when they activate the credit card and you spend R1000 within first 30 days
  4. Points earned on any purchases are added on the Clicks Cash Back Reward and paid to clients 4 times per year and it can be spent at any Clicks store
  5. To help clients keep track of their transactions an SMS is sent notifying you on any transactions done using their Clicks Club Card Credit Card. Statements are emailed or posted monthly so that you have a history of all transactions done with the card
  6. When you apply for the credit card it is delivered to your doorstep
  7. In case the card is lost or stolen and used fraudulently, the client  will not held liable for the fraudulent transactions
  8. The cards have a built-in chip and PIN for enhanced security and safe transacting. The PIN will your own unique personalized 4-digit PIN.

For more information on Clicks Credit Cards you can visit their website or any of their Clicks Stores.

Clicks Credit Cards Contact Details

Find out more information on how you can benefit from using Clicks Credit Cards by contacting them on tel 0861 254 257 or visit their website www.clicks.co.za

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