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Direct Axis Loans – With Direct Axis Loans you can get between R4 000 to R150 000 with a repayment terms ranging between 2 to 6 years. Direct Axis has assisted more than 1 million applicants in South Africa with loans since its establishment in 1995. Direct Axis is one of the few experienced financial services provider that has been offering excellent service to its loans and insurance customers. Their range of products include personal loans, car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health solutions and direct car loans. With Direct Axis Loans you can get up to as much as R150 000.

Direct Axis Loans Benefits

Direct Axis Loans are unsecured in nature, and is quiet helpful especially when most financial lenders don’t offer unsecured finance. With Direct Axis you can get as much as R150 000 by simply filling in their application loans. Loans from Direct Axis are have fixed interest rates on all loans so you know exactly how much you are paying every month. Use your loan for anything you want, whether you want to pay for your child’s educational fees, do some home renovations, the choice is all yours. If you wish to increase your Direct Axis Loans you can get increments of R1 000.

Direct Axis has over the years built a good reputation for itself and the popularity of their loans shows. Direct Axis Loans offers two packages, namely Direct Axis Personal Loans and Direct Plus Loans. The difference between these two loans is that the Direct Axis Personal Loans offers funds between 4 000 to R100 000 whereas the Direct Plus Loans offers R50 000 more making the limit to R150 000. Both loans have fixed interest rate which won’t be affected by changing market interest rates. The application for Direct Axis’ Loans is very simple and can be done either online or through the telephone during normal business hours.

What do I need to qualify for Direct Axis Loans?

To apply for loans from Direct Axis you will need to ensure that you are above the age of 18 years with a South African Identity Book, must be earning a minimum monthly income of R3 000 and have an active bank account. Direct Axis Loans come with a personal protection plan that will cover your remaining loan balance in the event of your death, permanent disability or dread disease. This also gives you a peace of mind knowing your family will not have the burden of repaying your debt when you can no longer pay.

How do I apply for Direct Axis Loans?

For more information regarding Direct Axis Loans you can simply visit their website www.directaxis.co.za or contact them on their telephone number 0861 02 03 04.

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