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Discovery Credit Card – since its establishment Discovery set out to be the best health insurer with the aim of making people healthier, and has over the years grown to become a multifaceted financial services company whose core values are still to make people healthier. Their Discovery Credit Card enables the card holder to obtain rewards in the form of cash backs, discovery miles, smart points and so on when they shop using this credit card. Discovery’s unique approach to insurance services has seen them  grow successfully globally, and covers an impressive 5.1 million plus customers to date.

Why choose the Discovery Credit Card?

Getting a Discovery Credit Card comes with many value added benefits that includes getting cash backs when you swipe your credit card to make purchases at any of their network store partners, free travel insurance when you go on holiday overseas and even Discovery Miles rewards which you can use to shop, travel or convert into Avios or Voyager Miles.

Discovery Credit Card Features and Benefits

The Discovery Credit Card comes in the form of a Gold or Platinum Credit Card, with the Gold Credit Card being available to individuals who earn a minimum annual income of R80 000, and has a R49 monthly account service and credit facility fee. The Platinum Credit Card is available to people who earn more than R350 000 a year and comes with a R75 monthly account service and credit facility fee.

The Discovery Credit Card comes with many value added benefits and some of these includes the following:

  1. Cash Backs rewards of up to 20% when you shop at a partner store in South Africa, and this can be from purchases of things like toys, books, clothing or even outdoor equipment.
  2. You get rewards of up to 20% for travelling on holidays, and you can use your card with World Leisure Holidays, Contiki or Royal Caribbean International.
  3. You can earn Discovery Miles when you activate your Discovery Miles benefit.
  4. You can also make use of a health facility called the Health Wallet to pay for your day to day medical expenses.
  5. You also get free travel insurance when you travel overseas.
  6. You can also get a DiscoveryMotor Card that you can use for your fuel purchases and car related expenses.

Discovery Credit Card Application Requirements

To apply for the Discovery Credit Card you must be above the age of 18 years, and in possession of your South African Identity Book. For foreign nationals they have to have a passport with a valid work permit. You also have to be a Discovery Health or Discovery Life member with Vitality. To activate your credit Card you can call their 0860 11 22 73 number or online by visiting their website.

Discovery Credit Card Contact Details

Apply for the Discovery Credit Card by calling their call centre number 0860 000 628 and chat to their consultants, or you can apply online through their website www.discovery.co.za and leave your details and their consultants will call you back.