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ECDC Loans – Eastern Cape has over the past few years seen a steady increase in economic growth due in part to the strong support system that the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) has been providing, creating that crucial link between the public and private sector. Its success was achieved by using innovative and development conscious business sector development initiatives, among these being their ECDC Loans. Through the use of these loans they have been able to address some of the challenges such as poverty, unemployment, inequality and so on.

Benefits of ECDC Loans

Finance from ECDC is provided to cater for different sections, and their offering includes development finance, investment finance, export finance, enterprise development services, property management and development as well as a facility for rural projects. Development Finance and Business Support seeks to help SMMEs grow by providing support, capital, investment opportunities to help them maximise their development. Under this package your business can get skills support by getting a mentor from ECDC, and your business can get as much as R20 Million.

Trade and Investment Promotion allows businesses to get opportunities for companies involved in trade to be part of international trade missions, and also get access to local and international exhibitions. Businesses can also benefit from joining ECDC’s Export Network Forum. Strategic Projects is intended to help develop local social infrastructure and help save or create jobs, as well as helping businesses relocation to Eastern Cape.

ECDC Loans Contact Details

Find out how you can benefit from ECDC Loans by contacting their offices on 043 704 5600 and speaking to their consultants, or by visiting their website www.ecdc.co.za and reading more information from there.