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Eduloan Student Loans

Eduloan Student Loans

Eduloan Student Loans are credit solutions tailored for students at university or tertiary institutions. Eduloan has since its establishment in 1996 helped more than 800 000 students fulfill their academic dreams and has since 1996 paid out more than R4.5 billion in student loans.

Why choose Eduloan Student Loans?

Eduloan works with various partners in the educational sector and through this they are able to provide affordable student loans with lower monthly repayments and interest rates, and the money is paid directly to the chosen institution. You can use Eduloan Student Loans to pay for your studies or accommodation at the institution, and even buy books or study equipment.

There are no hidden costs, and you benefit from having fixed monthly installments which will allow you to better manage your finances. The response time when applying for Eduloan Student Loans is fairly quick, ranging between 48 to 72 hours. Anyone from your legal guardian or your parent can apply on your behalf especially if you are below the age of 18 years.

Eduloan Student Loans Application Requirements

To apply for student loans from Eduloan you will need a quotation from the institution showing your name and student number, course and balance owing, you must also provide your copy of your South African ID, applicants pay slip and 3 months bank statements. You can make your application online, or send an SMS with the words “edu” to 32150 and their consultants will call you back.

Eduloan Student Loans Contact Details

Find out how you can make your academic dreams a reality through Eduloan Student Loans by visiting their website www.eduloan.co.za and reading more information from there. You can also call their consultants on 0860 55 55 44 and speak to them regarding the student loan package you need and they will gladly assist you.

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