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Express Finance Loans

Express Finance Loans – Express Finance is a micro lending institution that offers cash loans of up to R3 000 for first time applicants and as much as R5 000 for existing clients. These loans offer flexible repayment terms of up to 35 days. Express Finance specialises in providing short-term loans that are deposited directly into your bank account to cater for those unexpected expenses that come in life. Applying for loans from Express Finance is easy and straight forward, all you need to do is use the sliders provided on their home page and choose how much you need and for how long. Express Finance offers up to 40% discount on the initiation and service fee, and also offers discounts to government employees.

Why choose Express Finance Loans?

Express Finance Loans are pay day loans that allow you to borrow as much as R3 000 if you are a first time borrower, and as much as R5 000 if you have been a returning borrower. These cash loans are ideal for those unexpected financial challenges, and you can use them for paying off your unexpected medical bills, car repairs or other financial obligations. Express Finance doesn’t place any restrictions on how you can use their loans.

Express Finance Loans Application Requirements

To apply for Express Finance Loans you simply need to visit their website and create an account with them by filling out your personal details. They will conduct a credit check as well as an affordability assessment. After creating your account you can just enter the amount that you wish to borrow and download your credit agreement to your “My Account” section. The loan amount and interest rates will be pre-calculated so you will know exactly how much you will be required to pay without any hidden costs.

Express Finance Loans will require you to have an active bank account where your salary is deposited. This is where they will deposit the loan and also conduct monthly repayment debit orders from. Approved loans can be paid out within 24 hours but delays can occur due to bank clearing times.

Express Finance Loans Contact Details

Get in touch with Express Finance Loans by calling their offices on 031 708 3751 and speak to their consultants. You can also visit their website www.expressfinance.co.za and read more information from there.

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