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Extra Cash Loans – Do you have a  bad credit record and in dire need of some financial relief? Well, Extra Cash Loans is proud to offer you financial access despite your credit record. This micro finance company specialises in the provision of short-term loans of up to R2 500 in cash which you can use to deal with any pressing financial challenges that you may be having.

Why choose Extra Cash Loans?

Extra Cash Loans provide pay day loans of up to R2 500 at an affordable interest rates which you can use for short-term financial emergencies. The personal cash loans are best suited for those unplanned financial crisis that may arise when you least expect it, and they offer you quick access to money. There are no restrictions on the use of these payday loans, you can use it for whatever you may want to, from paying a debt or rent, settling outstanding school fees, doing minor renovations of even use it for car repair costs the choice is entirely yours.

If you are interested in applying for Extra Cash Loans, just visit their website and make use of the slider calculator on the homepage to select the amount you’d like to apply for, and you can do all this in the comfort of your home or office without even visiting their physical branch. The company will give you a speedy response on the status of your application, and if you are approved the money will be paid out into your account  in a few hours depending on whether you have attached the necessary documents to your application.

Who can apply for Extra Cash Loans?

To have your application approved you must be a South African citizen with a green bar coded ID document, must have an active bank account where your salary is paid into and where a debit order can be deducted, must be employed permanently and also provide proof of address. The money you qualify for will be based on your credit profile and affordability.

Extra Cash Loans Contact Details

For more detailed information send a direct email at info@extracashloans.co.za and their consultants will contact you back shortly. You can also pay a visit to their website www.extracashloans.co.za and read more information on the loan services that they have on offer.

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