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fnb revolving loans

FNB Revolving Loans – if you are looking for an “on-going” credit solution that gives you access to money whenever you need it and don’t have to worry about lodging in a new application you might want to consider applying for revolving loans from FNB. A revolving loan is a facility that allows you to borrow money that you have already paid back on an existing loan, normally after settling a pre-agreed amount such as 15%. Revolving loans from FNB has helped thousands of individuals and businesses with money to use for their individual needs.

Why take out FNB Revolving Loans?

FNB Revolving Loans gives you access to credit provided you have paid back at least 15% of your initial loan amount. With Revolving Loans from FNB you get fixed monthly repayments which make it easier for you to manage your budget, access to funds whenever you need a little extra cash and also have peace of mind with their Debt Protection Plan which covers you in the event of retrenchment, permanent disability or death. You can transfer funds from your FNB Revolving Loans to your personal cheque account through an ATM, Cellphone Banking, Online or Telephone Banking.

How to apply for FNB Revolving Loans

To apply for FNB Revolving Loans you will need visit their website and follow the steps prescribed. You will need to be an FNB customer with a FNB Cheque or Smart Account and also be above the age of 18 years with a South African ID book, must be permanently employed and provide proof of such e.g latest 3 months pay slips, must also provide your latest proof of address not older than 3 months. The amount of money you qualify for will depend on your affordability and credit profile, meaning if you have a good profile you will get access to higher loan amounts than someone with a poor credit record.

FNB Revolving Loans Contact Details

Get access to additional funds whenever you require them by applying for FNB Revolving Loans through their website or by calling them on 0860 327 827. You can find out more information by visiting their website www.fnb.co.za.

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