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gallardo finance corporation loans

Gallardo Finance Corporation Loans are offered through a vehicle finance facility from Gallardo that allows you to borrow as much as R250 000 to individuals who are ITC listed, whether they have judgements, defaults or garnishing orders they can still apply and qualify for their loans. Their approval success rate is above 80% meaning that people who apply for vehicle finance loans from Gallardo have got a higher chance of getting approved than if they apply from other institutions.

More about Gallardo Finance Corporation Loans

Gallardo Finance Corporation Loans are provided to cater for every prospective buyer who is finding it hard to get credit from traditional lenders such as banks, and also caters for blacklisted individuals. Gallardo is a car finance provider and car dealership that operates in Gauteng, KZN and in Cape Town but offers its services to people anywhere across the country through their online application form. Although relatively new in terms of years in being in existence, it has however managed to make a name for itself and now boosts of more than 4 500 customers.

Their maximum vehicle finance limit is R250 000 which is enough to even purchase a top of the range vehicle. People who have judgements, defaults or garnishing orders can apply for finance from Gallardo and have it put against their salaries. Gallardo offers excellent terms and conditions and quick loan status updates of just within 72 hours. Interest rates for these loans are very much competitive and they have fairly quick approval turnaround times, ensuring that you get a reply for your application within 72 hours. If you decide to make a purchase of a car from them directly, whether it’s a new or old vehicle, you will be able to negotiate a better interest rate. As long as you are able to afford to make your monthly repayments you can expect to get good news when you apply for vehicle finance from Gallardo Finance.

Gallardo Finance Corporation Loans Contact Details

Find out more information on how you can apply for Gallardo Finance Corporation Loans by calling their offices on their Johannesburg number 011 513 3510 or Durban number 031 368 1044. You can also visit their website www.gallardofin.co.za and find out more information from there.

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