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Investec Loans – since their formation in 1974 Investec has been offering specialist banking and investment solutions to individuals and businesses which has been helping them maximize on gains and keeping risks low. Investec is listed on two major stock exchanges namely the London Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and has got a market capitalisation of approximately GBP3.6 Billion.

Investec Loans available

Investec Personal Loans – these Investec Loans are secured personal loans that allows you to borrow money up to the current value of your asset, meaning the more valuable your asset is the more money you can have access to. Interest rates charged on these personal loans are much lower than from lenders that don’t require any collateral, and their repayment terms are much more flexible and affordable and can be tailored to suit your financial affordability.

Investec Home Loans – these Investec Loans are available to Investec customers who are looking for finance to help purchase their dream home or property. People who are holiday home buyers, property investors or commercial property buyers can apply for these home loans from Investec, and they are able to borrow money against assets such as share portfolios or any other investments.

Investec Asset and Motor Vehicle Finance – these Investec Loans are intended to assist individuals and businesses who are looking for finance to purchase motor vehicles for personal or business use. Asset Finance is for individuals or businesses who want to borrow money and invest in assets for the business.

Investec Loans Contact Details

Investec is situated at 100 Graystone Drive, Sandton, JHB and can be contacted on telephone number 011 286 7000 or their call centre number 0860 110 161. You can also visit their website www.investec.co.za to find out more information on the financial services they offer.

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