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Ithala Loans

Ithala Home Loans are credit solutions available to people living in the KwaZulu Natal province that will help them finance their property purchase. Owning a home is one of the most important thing you can do in your life, for you and your family. Whether you are buying it for yourself or want to purchase it to rent it out, Ithala Home Loans can help your home ownership dreams come true. Their home loans can be used to purchase, build, extend or renovate existing properties.

Why choose Ithala Home Loans?

Ithala Home Loans are ideally available to individuals who are seeking to purchase property within KwaZulu Natal province, primarily to help promote, develop and support the province. These home loans offer you access to 100% of the property value, and come with competitive interest rates. Repayment terms are tailored around your affordability, and you can get as much as 360 months to repay your home loan back.

To apply for these home loans you don’t necessarily need to be based in KwaZulu Natal but the property itself you are buying has to be located there. These home loans will be secured against the property itself when registering the mortgage bond, or through registering cession for rural titles. You also have options to use the equity on the home loan to use for other financial obligations you may wish to use it for.

Ithala Home Loans Application Requirements

To successfully apply and qualify for Ithala Home Loans the applicant needs to be a citizen of South Africa with an ID document, must be employed on a permanent basis earning at least R6 000 a month, must provide their latest 3 months bank statements, agreement of sale and their latest proof of residential address. If you submit all the relevant documentation that they require you will be able to get approved as soon as possible.

Ithala Home Loans Contact Details

Get detailed information on how you can benefit from Ithala Home Loans by calling their offices on 031 366 2500 / 080 133 1130 and chat to their friendly consultants, or visit their website www.ithala.co.za and read up more details from there. They are based in Durban but cater for everyone across South Africa who need their services.

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