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khula enterprise finance limited

Khula Enterprise Finance Limited is a developmental initiative that is dedicated to the development and growth of Small to Medium Enterprises in South Africa, and since its establishment in 1996 it has helped thousands of small companies achieve rapid growth. From its foundation it was created as an independent agency falling under the Department of Trade and Industry and quickly became recognized as the major force in the development of SME companies in South Africa.

Khula Enterprise Finance Limited Benefits

Khula Enterprise is a financial service provider that works across the public and private sectors and supplies funding to small businesses in each of these sectors. Khula uses channels that include commercial banking institutions, retail financial institutions, joint ventures and specialist funds, and through this aims to bridge the funding gap in the SME market.

Khula Enterprise Finance Limited has many advantages among them includes promoting black empowerment, catering for SME’s in rural and peri-urban areas that are often neglected by other financial institutions, encouraging meaningful black economic participation thereby creating jobs, and also most importantly encouraging entrepreneural spirit in people in the SME sector.

How to qualify for Khula Enterprise Finance Limited Funding

To qualify you will need to be a South African SME with a black majority shareholding, or have an SME whose business is situated in rural areas but still have a majority black shareholding.

Khula Enterprise Finance Limited Contact Details

For more information on how your SME business can get funding from Khula Enterprise Finance Limited you can contact them on 011 807 8464 or visit their website www.sefa.org.za