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Land Bank Loans are tailored credit solutions offered by the Land and Development Bank that is meant to assist farmers with finance to purchase land and equipment. The agricultural sector is among the biggest contributors to the country’s GDP, and the Land Bank has been providing a reliable financial lifeline to farmers who may need some financial help to operate their farming activities effectively. These loans provided by the Land and Development Bank are intended to help development in both the urban and rural communities of South Africa that do farming.

Why apply for Land Bank Loans?

One of the main reasons of getting Land Bank Loans is the fact that the Land Bank is one of those financial institutions that specialises in providing finance for the agri-business sector, and its mandate is help boost the agricultural sector. Since its establishment in 1912 as an agricultural bank they have been positively helping thousands of established farmers in the commercial farming and agri-business sectors, while at the same time assisting emerging farmers with all the necessary financial lifeline to help them establish themselves.

Land Bank Loans are tailored to assist farmers in buying land and farming equipment, and also providing working capital that they can use to boost their farming activities. The Land Bank supports government’s efforts to boost the agricultural sector which one of the most integral sectors in South Africa that brings billions of Rands to the country’s GDP. Their credit solutions are broken down into the following categories, namely short and medium term loans, long term loans, installment finance and establishment loans, guarantees and so on.

Requirements to qualify for Land Bank Loans

As a farmer looking for finance you must ensure the following requirements are met before applying for Land Bank Loans, and these include being primarily a full time agricultural farmer, proof of sourcing finance elsewhere but not successful in acquiring it. The Land Bank strives to assist black emerging farmers in particular, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds and have got tools in place to help them become successful black commercial farmers. Interest rates charged on these loans are very competitive.

Land Bank Loans Contact Details

To get detailed information on how you can access Land Bank Loans you can contact their consultants on 012 686 0500 / 0800 00 52 59 and chat to them regarding your financial requirements and they will gladly assist you with any information you may wish to know. Additional information can be obtained from their website www.landbank.co.za.

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