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Lime Loans is a registered financial services provider in South Africa that gives individuals access to short term loans with favourable and affordable terms and conditions. Online registration ensures the approval of loans in 5 minutes maximum time. They offer loan solutions that fully adheres to the terms of the rules and regulations set up by the National Credit Regulator.

Why choose Lime Loans?

With Lime you can get personal loans of up to R5 000, and are available depending on the desired package you choose on the website. The various packages include, LIME Stare of up to R1 200 and LIME Silver of up to R2 100 of cash loans. You can also get the R3 000 LIME Gold package loans and a VIP loan package of up to R5 000 which comes with a repayment term of up to 65 days.

These loans are given at an affordable interest rate and with reasonable pay back terms of your choice. The loans are short-term, so you are required to pay out the loan within a period of 35 days. The approved money will be deposited into your bank account within a matter of minutes after having had signed the loan contract.

These loans have an easy application process , simply use the online calculator on their website which helps you to calculate the amount of money you would like to apply for, and it will also clearly show you the amount you are going to pay back before you begin applying. Clicking on the ‘Get Money’ button to initiate your loan application and then follow the simple instructions that will guide you to the final stage.

There are no limits as to how you should spend the money, so feel free to use their loans for paying school fees, medical expenses or any other financial obligations you may have.

Lime Loans Application Requirements

For application purposes, the following requirements are needed for the completion of your application, and these include having a South African Identity Document, being over 18 years, have a valid bank account under your name, getting a consistent income monthly and provide proof such as your latest payslip.

Lime Loans Contact Details

For more information on how to apply for these short-term loans, simply call the number 011 083 5116 to speak to one of their qualified consultants, or you can make online applications through visiting their website www.lime24.co.za.

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