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Linda Ikeji Nigeria’s Top Blogger

linda ikeji

Linda Ikeji is well known in the Nigerian Blogging industry for bringing the best and latest Nigerian news and gossips, and has managed to transform her blog into a money making venture that is making her rake in millions yearly.

Linda Ikeji’s Success…

Linda Ikeji’s blog was started in 2006 and has to date tremendously in Nigeria and abroad. Her blog attracts more than 50 000 visitors on average per day and this see it translate in thousands of dollars daily which she mainly generates from Google Adsense and Advertising Spaces which she sells on her blog.

Linda Ikeji has been so successful in her blogging venture that she managed to buy top of the range cars such as her Infiniti SUV and a 2014 Range Rover. Most people might be wondering just how she manages to make all that money just from blogging, well the answer is simple. Since her blog attracts thousands of visitors daily, there are companies who are willing to pay a lot of money to feature on her blog due to the traffic figures, and that’s how she generates the money in the process.

Although it took about 4 years before Linda Ikeji started making any money from her blog, one thing we can learn from her is that you have to be patient and love doing what you do in order to be successful. Apart from her blog she also runs a media company, an events management and a modelling agency as well.

Linda Ikeji’s mansion

Linda Ikeji recently purchased a house, sorry actually a mansion in the exclusive Banana Island area of Ikoyi for a reported N500 million plus amount. The celebrity blogger took to twitter to clear all the speculation of the house price that was buzzing online.

Linda also shared some of the interiors of her 700m² mansion which includes 3 floors, 6 bedrooms en-suite, 2 living rooms, cinema room and a media room among other things.

Visit her blog at lindaikeji.blogspot.com for the latest buzz in and around Nigeria’s social scene and much more.