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Livestock Wealth Investing in Digital Crowd-Farming

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Africans have for centuries believed that cattle were a source of wealth, the more one had the more wealthier they were. One entrepreneur has taken that believe and has merged it with technology to offer one of Africa’s first digital crowd-farming. Ntuthuko Shezi is a South African entrepreneur who saw an opportunity of helping thousands of South Africans create a livestock portfolio which offered better returns than the Stock Market.

Launched in 2015 Livestock Wealth is a start-up that merges tradition with technology, and offers a platform where people can purchase cows as a form of investment and manage it online without getting their hands and feet dirty. Investors can purchase a cow online for R10 500 and a monthly fee of R295 and Livestock Wealth will give them a share certificate while they manage the investors portfolio.

The cow that an investor buys will deliver calves each year and these are then sold to abattoirs, and according to them the money is distributed equally among all investors. Shezi says his Livestock Wealth investments is targeted at people who find it difficult to understand how the stock market works and those that simply need to create wealth through owning cattle.

Investors can manage their investments online or through the app, and will have access to a portfolio manager who will keep them up to date. For more detailed information visit their website www.livestockwealth.com and find out more information from there.