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Loans 4 Africa – Looking for a loan but you are worried about your bad credit record or you have been blacklisted? Worry no more because there are credit providers that have their doors open to you even if you have a less than perfect credit score. Loans 4 Africa is one such credit  provider that offers affordable loans to ordinary South Africans, even those with blacklisting or bad credit records. Loans 4 Africa is registered credit provider that is part of the Finance Turtle Group. They offer different types of loan solutions so you can choose the right loan that suits your needs.

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Apply for a loan through Loans 4 Africa is quick and simple, you can easily submit an Online application from anywhere at any time that suits you. Since application is done Online you avoid the hassles of joining long queues, submitting lots of paperwork and unnecessary face to face interviews. Once you apply they will ensure you get feedback within 24 hours of applying during working hours.

 Loans 4 Africa is responsible for connecting you with the right lender that best meets your needs. They work together with a number of registered credit providers that offer affordable loans. Each lender may have their own terms and policies but however they all operate in line with the regulation of the NCA. You can get access to Cash Loans, Personal Loans, Long term Loans and Consolidation Loans, you choose the best loan for you. The loan amount you can borrow will be subject to your affordability. They will take into account your income as well as your other expenses to assess your ability to repay.

 Having a Bad Credit Record or being Blacklisted does not mean being Under Debt Review, having Judgements in your name, Declared Insolvent or Under Liquidation. If you find yourself in this situation you are not allowed by law to take out another loan. So if you are blacklisted or have a poor credit score  it is important to keep up with your repayments and settle your debts in full so that you do not further damage your credit profile.

Loans 4 Africa Contact Details

To find out more details or to apply for a loan from Loans 4 Africa you can visit their website www.loans4africa.co.za , send an email to finance@financeturtle.co.za or call them on 074 123 8235 and they will assist you.

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