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MFC Vehicle Finance

mfc vehicle finance

MFC Vehicle Finance is a vehicle finance facility that is provided through Nedbank that helps thousands of potential car owners realise their dreams. Get as much as R200 000 to buy a vehicle of up to 20 years from any accredited dealer across South Africa.

Why use MFC Vehicle Finance?

MFC Vehicle Finance offers finance for vehicles of up to 20 years old to the value of R200 000 which come with flexible repayment terms ranging from 36 to 60 months. You can benefit from their vehicle finance by not paying any deposit when you decide to take out a vehicle finance plan from Nedbank, your installments are paid through debit orders every month to give you convenience and peace of mind.

MFC Vehicle Finance also comes with a Credit Life Insurance that covers you from any unplanned circumstances that will hinder you from continuing with your repayments such as retrenchment, disability or death. The Credit Life Plan settles any outstanding balances that are still owned from your vehicle loan.

To apply for Vehicle Finance from MFC you simply need to visit any accredited car dealership and choose the vehicle that you want, ask for a Nedbank Vehicle Plan and fill out the application form, leave your supporting documents to accompany the application and Nedbank consultants will contact you afterwards.

MFC Vehicle Finance Application Requirements

To apply for MFC Vehicle Finance you have to be above the age of 18 years old with a South African ID and employed permanently, you must earn a minimum monthly income of R3 200 which should be deposited into your bank account, must provide your latest pay slip and 3 months bank statements, you must also provide your latest proof of address not older than 3 months.

MFC Vehicle Finance Contact Details

For more detailed information on how you can apply for MFC Vehicle Finance visit their website www.nedbank.co.za or call them on 0860 555 111.