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Qwiek Loans is a lending company that has gained a remarkable reputation as a reliable financial service and credit facility. Qwiek Loans has grown to be one of the most reliable creditors in South Africa because of their experience in the industry which spans 20 years. Therefore, Qwiek is certainly a company that you can trust.

Why Qwiek Loans?

A large number of blacklisted individuals do not stand a chance when it comes to accessing credit. Qwiek Loans has identified this problem and has made providing services to prospective blacklisted clients a priority. As long as a prospective client is a legal citizen, Qwiek will provide financial assistance even if the client is blacklisted.

If you are blacklisted, there are only two requirements that you need to adhere to. You must have been employed for at least two months and provide a bank statement reflecting salary deposits. You must also provide proof of residence.

Loan applications with Qwiek Loans can be completed online. The online application process is one which you can trust because you can the time that it takes to complete and send the application is very short. You can also rest assured that the consultants will process and review the application timeously as well.

Qwiek provides home loans and bonds of up to R5 000 000 and the repayment interest rate is only 9%. Personal Loans are offered up to R150 000 and they are payable over a period of six to 48 months.

Qwiek Loans Contact Details

For more information on this unique credit facility, clients can contact Qwiek on 014 592 7405.

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