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Rainbow Finance Loans – Rainbow Finance is a micro finance company that falls under the Shoprite Checkers Pvt Ltd which is among the largest supermarket groups in Africa. Rainbow Finance Loans where inspired by the term “Rainbow Nation” and as such wanted to provide financial services that catered for all South Africans.

Rainbow Finance Loans are tailored to suit your financial needs and affordability, and can help you address unexpected expenses such as medical and educational bills, pay your rent, repair your vehicle and so on. Rainbow’s wide network ensures that you can get access to their credit efficiently and conveniently.

Rainbow Finance Loans Benefits

Rainbow Finance works in conjunction retail store OK Furniture and have been making loans very accessible to everyone looking for them due to their presence in every city. Rainbow Finance Loans are unsecured short terms loans that are meant to help you through some financial challenges and they don’t require any form of collateral from you when you make your application.

Rainbow Finance Loans come with very flexible repayment terms ranging between 1 to 12 months and are offered in line with the National Credit Act. To apply for these loans you will need to provide your South African Identity Book, provide proof of employment such as your latest pay slip, provide banking details and 3 months bank statements and your latest proof of residence not older than 3 months and take them to the nearest OK Furniture store and speak to their in-store attendants who will assist you.

Rainbow Finance Loans Contact Details

For more details regarding how you can benefit from loans from Rainbow Finance you can contact their call centre on 011 456 7000 or visit www.okfurniture.co.za. Rainbow Finance is available 7 days a week.

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