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Rainfin Loans- Borrowing money does not mean you have to always turn to a bank, there are other credit providers that are reliable , legitimate and also offer affordable interests rates and terms. One of the major companies in the lending business is Rainfin. Through the provision of Rainfin Loans customers are able to meet their financial needs in a convenient and stress free manner.  Rainfin operates in what is known as peer to peer lending or a online social lending marketplace. This is whereby a group of individuals put their money together and are able to lend it to other people or businesses at an interest.

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Rainfin offers a platform that directly links verified lenders and creditworthy borrowers in a safe and secure manner.  Rainfin Loans are a quick and cheaper option to borrow money. You also benefit from lower interest rates as well as a lenient qualification criteria. To apply you can complete a simple online application and you will receive feedback within a short time. No collateral is needed to qualify for Rainfin Loans. Affordability and credit records are also taken into account to determine if you qualify for the loan amount you want.

You can apply for a loan as a business or an individual in a fast and efficient manner. Businesses can get finance of up to as much as R250 000 to help their businesses grow. To qualify for the business loans, your business should registered and operating in South Africa for at least one year, have a good credit score and good cash flow.

As an investor you are able to reap interest each time someone borrows from your portfolio. You can also spread risk by offering small loans to a number of borrowers than giving out a large loan sum to a few borrowers. To find out on how you can kick start in growing your investment portfolio feel free to visit the Rainfin website.

Rainfin Loans Contact Details

If you are interested in making use of services and financial products offered by  Rainfin you can visit their website www.rainfin.com or contact them by phone on  087 820 5200 or send an email to info@rainfin.com

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