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Speedy Loans – are you looking for a company that provides reliable credit solutions and flexible repayment terms? Speedy is a registered financial service provider that offers personal loans of up to R250 000* which you can get access to within a matter of hours. Their pre-qualification process gives you feedback within an hour and individuals who are blacklisted or have bad credit are free to apply for these loans.

Why Speedy Loans?

Speedy Loans are quick personal cash loans that come with affordable and flexible repayment terms and require no collateral when you apply for them. Whether you are blacklisted or have bad credit you are more than free to apply for these loans. These personal loans are unsecured loans which don’t require you to offer up any form of security or collateral, meaning that anyone can apply for these loans. Their application process can be done securely online from their website by just filling out their application form with all the relevant details.

Speedy Loans are provided through their partnerships with various lenders who it works with, and can assist you with personal loans, consolidation loans and so on. Their loans are in compliance with the National Credit Act guidelines to ensure that you as the customer get the best deal possible that is transparent and fair.

Speedy Loans Application Requirements

To successfully apply and qualify for Speedy Loans you must be above the age of 18 years and in possession of your South African ID, must be employed permanently and earning at least R3 000 a month, must have your latest 3 months bank statements, must have an active bank account where your salary is deposited into. Repayments are done via debit orders so it is important to have enough money in your account by the agreed debit dates to avoid any penalties and charges.

Speedy Loans Contact Details

Get detailed information on how you can apply and qualify for Speedy Loans by calling their offices on 087 940 3073 or visiting their website www.speedy-loan.co.za.

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