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Xcelsior Loans is a Pretoria based financial services provider that offers personal loans of up to R500 000, and has been in the financial services industry for more than 15 years. Their services are a good alternative to the personal loans that are provided by other financial institutions and banks.

Why choose Xcelsior Loans?

Xcelsior Loans is one of the leading provider of secured loans in South Africa, and people can take out loans against their collateral assets such as vehicles. No questions asked, no credit checks or income verification necessary to take out the loan, as long as you have a vehicle in your name to put up as collateral. The vehicle can be cars , trucks, boats or even jet skis. The loan amount you qualify for should be equivalent to the value of the asset you are putting as collateral. This can be any value between R5 000 up to R500 000.

Xcelsior Loans approval have a fast rate of loan approval. You are likely to get the money in your bank account within an hour to use as you see fit. This is possible because they do not need to conduct any checks on your credit profile or affordability. Even those who are blacklisted or have poor credit ratings can apply for Xcelsior Loans.

Interest rates charged by Xcelsior Loans are competitive and affordable. It is important to take out the loan amount you can afford such that you can quickly payoff the loan and get back the vehicle you would have placed as collateral. The longer you take to pay off your loan her more money you pay in terms of interest. Failure to pay the loan will result in Xcelsior Loans having the right to repossess your vehicle for them to recover their money.

So when faced with an emergency and need quick cash in a hassle free manner you can easily get a Xcelsior Loan. Even when you need extra finance for bigger goals you can make use of your loan from Xcelsior . No long queues, no lengthy application processes involved. Get the loan, solve your financial issues, repay your loan and get your vehicle back, it’s as simple as that.

Xcelsior Loans Contact Details

For more information about Xcelsior Loans you can call their consultants on 012 997 1062 and speak to them regarding their financial products, or you can also visit their website www.xcelsiorloans.co.za and read more details from there. Their offices are open for 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday.

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